Organisations are facing rapid geographic expansion in highly competitive markets with relatively intangible assets. In certain locations, legal frameworks can be ill-defined. Dentons’ unique advantage comes in the form of a network where having offices in multi-jurisdictions allow us the capability to act faster and provide high-level, succinct and informative texts at the same time.

As part of the global Dentons’ initiative to leverage on and market our multi-jurisdictional disputes resolution presence, this online interactive Multi-jurisdictional Injunction Toolkit grants clients the privilege to obtain injunctive relief. It provides temporary respite and control of the situation should a scenario arise in which action by a counterparty is considered detrimental to business or ethical conduct. This toolkit is presented in a highly structured format to:

  • Draw on practical and localised content from key Dentons jurisdictions worldwide
  • Enable prospective clients to undertake a quick comparative analysis of jurisdictions of interest
  • Serve as a platform for prospective clients to engage us in deeper discussion of their needs

This toolkit will build on Dentons’ natural competitive advantage as the home for top-tier talent at the intersection of geography, industry knowledge and substantive legal expertise.

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  • Interim Injunctions
  • Freezing Injunctions / Mareva Injunctions
  • Anti-Suit Injunctions
  • Other Interim Relief
  • Enforcement of Injunctions